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We help you reach your better life

About us 

We give psychologists, psychiatrists, and their patients the opportunity to connect more efficiently and easily.  Creating a safe space for emotions and mental development.  We give them a platform where they can grow and find help.

Our Mission

We want a world where every teenager has easy, quick, and affordable access to mental health help. Thanks to that, teens can draw from their inner strength and talents by fulfilling their dreams and needs, and following the path to freedom, equality, and independence.


Our Purpose

Creating a safe space where teens and young adults can find their comprehension, peace, development, a friend, and help. Our platform aims to give inclusive mental  

help. We believe that we can help people regain self-confidence, and peace of mind and develop their character to be able to overcome problems encountered.


We want to be the most downloaded app that helps people all around the world with mental health problems and also helps specialists in their daily basis tasks; contact and supervision of their patients.


Our Story

It all began when I was a teen. I felt lonely. Even though I had lots of friends and best friends I didn't felt okay sharing with them the problems that I was facing at the time. That's when I started thinking about creating a safe space for teens to share their thoughts and talk about problems. Keep in mind that finding the right specialist can be a very challenging and stressful experience. Also, the cost of mental health care is beyond the ability of teens and young adults. Seeing my struggle I realize how important is mental health. Right now the world is in so many crises and one of them is increasing cases of depression and suicide. 


That's why I focus to develop Milo which is ultimately aimed at helping young people to cope with difficult emotions, depression, anxiety, and the struggle of adolescence. My primary goal with this project is to have an immense, positive impact on the world. 

My team consists amazing people, that are brave enough to change the world for the better!

Founder/CEO & Project Leader 

Helena Dwernicka 


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