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Changing or looking for new specialists can be very stressful. Our research proved that. + 70% rof espondents find this statement true. Our app will deliver a new way of contacting a specialist. Users will be able to match with them in two ways. First by choosing them as they would chosechoose their date. Secondly by app proposition in rankings. Besides that users will have access to create a "History path" feature that will allow them to share their storystories with new specialists. That's how we will decrease user anxiety. 

AI Chat-bot

Proven by Stanford University researchers that chatbots reduce depression. In our app users have 24/7 access to an AI chatbot. Chat-bot learns behaviorus of the user by scanning their social media and search engine.  Thank to that it can mimic there their way of talking and have more chance to help, respond and understand the user better and really become an empathic friend that really listening.


We provide an app for free and then users can get a premium version for a small fee. This is the way we will be able to meet our goal - to enable everyone to take care of their mental health, regardless of their social status. 

Wykres finansów

Prevent misdiagnosis

The app would deliver tools to help specialists prevent misdiagnosis for example by overseeing patients' mood charts. Thanks to that specialists would be able more easily distinguish depression from borderline disorder.

Easy and  fast contact

Milo gives its users the possibility to be in the contact with an assigned specialist or random one.  Besides that Chatbot that's work 24/7, therapist all around the world available to talk, and forum - group chats where users can chat with people with similar problems.  Also, users have quick and easy access to government support helping lines all around the world. 

One app that has it all

Give users a holistic experience. Users will be able to find in one app features that focus generally on well mental health being. Starting from Ai chat-bot, ending with calm music, videos, tutorials, etc. It's not only more convenience but also it will be better for your budget. One app that has it all. 

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