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Milo gives you the tools

to stay happy.

Milo gives you the tools
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Platform + app

Perfect combination






We know that finding the right specialist is a very stressful and long process. We got you! With Milo, you won't waste your time and money and what is more important you won't be stressed anymore! Milo app will give you the possibility to match with the right specialist and share your story with them.

Thanks to Milo

Mental health will be much more inclusive, affordable and easy to access than ever!

Easy access

Set it up once, and you're good to go. Holistic approach that you will love. 

Milo allows users to use its all-day-available chatbot, make appointments with their therapists with an instant contact if such is needed. It also engages them in therapeutic exercises for example “5 whys technique”.

Smart budgeting

With Milo you always have money to take care of your mental health. Thanks to clear, affordable mental health care plan, you can rest assured your money are spent wisely.

Free premium trial 

Clear mental health care plan 


Knowledge zone 

Get to know yourself and your emotions better in the zone of knowledge

Behavioral tests

Educational content - yoga, breathing techniques and many more

CBT techniques

5 Whys techniques

One app

Many amazing features 

Thanks to our complex approach no patient will be left alone. Milo takes care of each person individually - it focuses on understanding one’s emotions, thereby making the process of healing more effective. Positive mental health and suicide prevention are what matter to Milo the most.

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We surveyed 

+400 people and conducted +10 interviews

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Here is piece of outcomes

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Most responders would be willing to test an app that allows them to share their problems via text.

More than half of the respondents claimed that they prefer to write than talk about their problems

84% of respondents cannot afford regular visits with specialist

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92% examined people feel emotions that they don't understand 

More than ¾ of respondents experienced a situation when they needed to talk and had no one to talk to

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Our responders

Why do they love Milo?

Teens and young adults deserve to have easy and affordable access  to the mental health care.

"I'm sure  that teens and young adults would love to and need to have an easy, affordable access to the mental health care via app. It will help them in difficult moments of growing up".


Monika Kędzioła
Poznan University of Economic and Business

Our team

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Michał Dwernicki

  • Linkedin

Co-founder & Flutter dev 

Helena Sternicka

Helena Sternicka

  • Linkedin

Co- founder & CEO & PM/UI&UX


Edyta Zawodna

  • Linkedin

Co-funder & CBT  Psychoterapist 

Paweł Zawodny

  • Linkedin

Co-Founder & programmer


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