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Teens and young adults


Medical health is expensive

  • The average cost of depression treatment it’s over PLN 1000 a month – it’s the ¼ salary of a statistical Pole.


Long waiting time due to lack of doctors in Poland

  • 57 psychiatrists per million children

  • 90 psychiatrists per million adults


No fast and easy contact

No easy, fast, and well-recognized way to access specialists in emergency mental health cases via texting in a different language than English.


Changing specialists is stressful

  • Looking for your first specialist or changing your known one is a very stressful experience. More than 70% of respondents find the change of specialist stressful.


One app that has it all

  • The market is fragmented, there are a lot of apps that just focus on one goal than provide a holistic solution.

Our solutions

We provide an app for free and then users can get other features for a small fee that are cheaper than a classical therapy session.


AI Chatbots help cure depression (Research by Stanford University – chat-bots reduce depression). Access to CBT therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Ubiquitous availability.


Chatbot that works 24/7, therapist all around the world available to talk, forum – group chats.


Milo would give its users a holistic experience. Users will be able to find: Journal, mood tracker, contact their specialist, make an appointment, access CBT therapy, Cognitive-behavior therapy, enter a knowledge zone, share their thought in a forum, talk to a chat-bot or human, and test to know more about themselves and can improve, and calmness music, videos, etc.


By completing the profile in the Milo app, the user will be able to share his story with a specialist before the visit. In addition, the application will allow matching the user with the right specialist due to the user’s profile and answers provided by the user.


Lack of management tools for psychiatrists and psychologist

  • Specialists have too many patents that causing a lack of time to notice that something bad ishappening.



Accurate diagnosis is the first and most important step when encountering mental disorders to ensureappropriately tai- lored therapies; however, the average delay between onset of mental disordersymptoms and treatment is 11 years, and the misdiagnosis rate for depression reached 65.9% for majordepressive disorder.


Our app would be a management tool by providing special features, a calendar, and easy and fastcontent with their patients.


The app would deliver tools to help specialists prevent misdiagnosis for example by seeing patients’ moodcharts, so they would be able more easily distinguish depression from borderline disorder


Niebieskie i białe pęcherzyki 4
Niebieskie i białe pęcherzyki 4
  • website

  • design thinking strategy

  • social media

  • interviews with potential users

    • conducting research

  • Encantus National Competition

  • Partnerships

  • Figma Design

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  • Facebook Chatbox

  • Collecting feedback from specialists - cooperation

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  • MVP testing

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  • deliver first version of Milo app

Additional activities


  • Creating Ebook to help teens with their management, and creativity and introduce to them basics about psychology and why they shouldn't be scared to ask for help. 

  • Create white noise 

School Events

In the school year 2022/2023 we planing to organize mindfulness events in schools for teens. Our events will be conducted in high schools by a qualified psychologist or doctor and our team.

Social media

  • ​Grow social media to spread awareness, knowledge, and uplifting content

  • Start partnerships with psychologists, psychotherapists, and doctors

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Tottaly free

Your Guide to Self-care

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